Make family-friendly events possible: change Broome Shire policy.

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The Gray Brothers, local Broome musicians, were fined $2,175 recently for hosting a family friendly show in their own backyard.

Over-zealous Council officers are driving out traditional cultural and musical events from the back yards of Broome. For many decades Broome's unique culture and community life has prospered in the gardens and on the back verandahs of long-time Broome families. But the sound of traditional Broome ukelele, guitar and voice is being smothered.
Today, long-time families are too scared to continue these events because blow-in council officers are requiring expensive, over-the-top, permit processes and fees. All that does is create work for them, while killing Broome's cultural life.
Broome families want to have a quiet beer with their kids while enjoying live music, and not be bullied by Council officers peering over their fence and demanding money.
The Shire councillors understand this, so we need your support to show them the solution . . .

The convoluted and expensive event application process enforced by the Broome Shire must be changed. The Gray Brothers are calling on Councillors to create a simple, one page form for family-friendly events of up to 200 attendees. And change permit requirements to ensure organisers do not incur excessive costs. 

Help Broome music culture thrive. Stop unreasonable process from choking out our community events.