Let Shippensburg Students Take Their Now-Online Courses Pass/Fail!

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Hello all, 

As we all now know, Shippensburg University will be continuing the rest of the semester remotely and cancelling all on campus events. While this may be upsetting, it is a necessary step to curtail the spread of the covid-19 pandemic. I encourage my fellow classmates to focus on their health and well-being during this difficult time.

To aid the difficult transition from in-person classes to remote-learning, I would like to introduce the idea of having this spring semester graded with an optional Pass/Fail (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory) grading system. Shippensburg University currently allows up to one three-credit course a semester to be taken in this manner, but the option is only available to students who have more than 30 credits and a GPA of 2.5. Students must ordinarily select this option within the first fourteen days of class. More information can be found here: https://www.ship.edu/cas/frequently_asked_questions/

While this whole situation is not ideal, this may aid students, as well as professors, in this transitional process. Other institutions, such as Dickinson College, are instituting systems such as Credit/Non-Credit options for the semester to further student’s options. Dickinson’s website explains that “Credit/no credit grades do not calculate into a student’s grade point average. Any grade of D- or above is converted to a CR (credit) grade, which counts toward the 32 credits required for graduation and toward specific major/minor/certificate/graduation requirements, as appropriate. F grades are converted to NC (no credit) and earn zero credits.”

While our GPA’s are important, our wellbeing is more important. Having the option to take this semesters courses in a way that eases the transition to remote learning would be a meaningful step University officials could take to help us in this troubling time.

Best of luck to all going forward, please stay safe, and please wash your hands!