Force Japan's government to apologies to victims of war instead of covering it

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There are many women that was abducted by Japan in WW 2 and froced to prostitution etc, and instead of apologies, Japan covered it even twisted the story by saying that they do it by their own will, and they teach their students with false history.

On 2015, an agreement between South Korea and Japan was made, but Koichi Nakano, a political scientist at Sophia University in Tokyo, said the 2015 agreement was flawed because it was made between government leaders and did not include the voices of the victims. go watch this please :

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The point of the 2015 deal “was that Japan and Korea would remove this issue from the centrality of our political relationship,” said Kazuhiko Togo, a former Japanese ambassador to the Netherlands and a professor of international relations at Kyoto Sangyo University. “We are fighting each other. That we have to stop.”

what about the victims then? so it's time to give rise to this case and tell the Japan government to change their words, and help the victims to gain their lives again, and to be seen as victims, not criminals. Let us put pride on the table for a second and raise kindness.