Stop Whaling!

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The Japanese government have said they intend to start whaling again. This is unacceptable behaviour at a time where the rest of the world are making huge efforts to protect and conserve oceanic wildlife.

Whales are highly intelligent creatures and a vital part of the eco system. Whales are easy to catch. They need human protection in order for them to survive and thrive. They should not be part of any Japanese person’s diet. There are plenty of other more sustainable food sources that Japanese people can live off. 

Over the last century, Japan along with Norway and Iceland, has been the main culprit responsible for the mass slaughter of these beautiful, innocent beasts. These countries claim that whale meat is a traditional food that’s part of their culture.

The fact is, in a world where we humans have behaved negligently and ignored the unintended consequences of our actions, we now need to adapt and change to prevent further harm.

The small sacrifice of removing whale meat from Japan’s national diet and banning it from being eaten would make a huge difference. In countries, like Iceland, the majority of whale meat isn’t eaten by locals, it’s eaten by tourists who are led to believe that it’s a local delicacy by their tourist industries. This is easy to stop right now by simply banning it. 

It’s time for Japan to lead the world in righting a serious wrong. We respectfully ask that Japan reverses its decision and STOPS this barbaric practice immediately to allow whales to thrive once more.