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BAN Logan Paul from Japan

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Logan Paul has a history of over the top behavior and a famous Youtuber around the world.

Logan Paul has made many trips to Japan and demonstrated ZERO respect for the People of Japan and the country as a whole.  His latest stunt was to show a dead body of a young man in Aokigahara forest in Japan.  He said his goal was to show how "spooky" the forest is.  Clearly this was not the case.  He went there only to attempt to find a dead body (which he did) and create a sensational Youtube video.  Clearly he lapsed in Judgement and made a mistake.  But his continual behavior in Japan over the course of time proves he is not sorry.  He is only sorry he got in "trouble" for it.

I am all about forgiving people and forgiveness.  Perhaps with time we can all forgive Logan Paul.  But a simple 1 minute video asking for forgiveness does not make what he did OK.

I suggest the country of Japan review his videos and behavior and Ban Logan from coming into the country for a period of 1 to 3 years.  If he were to return, he should on the condition that he behave and respect the country and people of Japan. NO MORE CRAZY VIDEOS, NO MORE DISRESPECTFUL BEHAVIOR. 

Please sign this petition and lets get it to the responsible authorities of Japan and lets send a message to Logan Paul.  Grow up, be respectful and mindful of not just other people, but their cultures as well.

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