Shift the Burden of Proof from the Veteran to the VA

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Jamie Fox
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Why shift the burden of proof from the Veteran to the VA?

Not only is it the right thing to do, it is the only way the VA can be accountable to veterans and their families. The best way to improve the VA is to make the VA investigate and correct the errors the VA makes. This burden should not be placed on a veteran with limited resources and capacity to prove the VA is in error. For veterans and their families, the current climate at the VA consists of being thrown under the bus or the sharks when a veteran makes a complaint. Like clockwork, VA staff do whatever it takes to protect their jobs and stonewalls any attempt the veteran tries to make to get help, recourse, or to simply improve the system for the next veteran who find themselves in similar circumstances. 

The VA claims it has "veteran centered care" but when it comes right down to it the VA's care is anything but "veteran centered". Words mean nothing without action. Show veterans that you care about America's promise to veterans. Demand that the VA show that it truly cares about veterans by shifting the burden of proof from the veteran to the VA for errors and malfeasance committed by VA officials and contractors.