Removal of George Pell Plaque

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Some of you may not be aware, but the "Our Lady of the Missions" Building (C Block) was blessed by convicted sex offender Cardinal George Pell. We also have a plaque of his name located at the entrance to the Year 10 building.

George Pell does not reflect the beliefs and teachings of Catholicism or the values we hold dearly at Sacred Heart. This is why we are petitioning for the removal of the plaque and possibly, a re-blessing of the Our Lady of the Missions building. 

At Sacred Heart we want to create a safe and positive environment for all students, teachers and visitors. Keeping this plaque could inadvertently condone George Pell's actions and disrespect people within our communities. 

If you want to make our school an even better place- understand and inclusive to all - please sign this petition.

Thank you for your time.