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The people of Shetland have been badly let down by their elected officials. The last election was fought and won on a promise to slash waste and save services in particular rural education. Our council members tell us they have got to grips with the overspend, yet are slashing services and closing rural schools, but admin has got off very lightly. They are negotiating our future with Westminster and Edinburgh yet are not asking for the extra money needed now to save our schools and rural communities as “that would be greedy”. The historic housing debt of £40 million owed to us has been turned into us borrowing £30 million from the government, £30 million that at the reduced rate of interest will save us £1 million over the next 40 years, that's £25,000 a year, less than the cost of one councillor, What they don't mention is that over the 40 years we will now pay out approximately £60 million Thats £1.5 million a year we won't have to spend on the community. I'm sure if da Flea came banging on your door looking for money owed he would laugh in your face if you offered that settlement terms.

The much vaunted secret agreement with Total is by all accounts just as good as the previous one for Sullom Voe, in other words no good at all.

You are spending millions and causing deep divisions in the community with the viking energy project for a community return of maybe £20 million a year, if you were half as good as you think you are the Total agreement would dwarf that amount.

After failing so miserably to do what you were elected to do we demand you step down so we can have an election and elect people to get the job done, and negotiate a better settlement from both governments before September 18th so the people of Shetland can make up their minds based on the facts at hand and not the vague promises of politicians.

Shetland will be divided into 11 areas and each area will have 2 representatives one for sorting out public services and one for the negotiations with the governments. (two different jobs that need different skills) Our negotiating position will start at full independence with all the resources that will bring. It will be up to each government to persuade us that we would be better of with them and what they are putting on the table to that effect, and then it will be up to the people of Shetland to decide which option suits them the best.



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