Change Shetland Islands councils Decision on not to renew Shetland amenity trusts contract

The digital world is here to stay; it drives the World’s ECONOMY; thereby, financing Shetland’s web presence, which includes HD/Audio webcams, should be a PRIORITY of the council for this is a public matter whose roots, hopes, and dreams for a sustainable future underpins ALL of Shetland. The world has an infinite appetite for exploring LIFE via video & film, and Shetland holds the ability to livestream a GRAND diversity of UNIQUE Urban, Rural, and Nature experiences all in one go. Shetland can thrive whilst embracing growth and sustainability. Build Shetland’s local economy and tourism whilst embracing the raison d'être of keen foresight gained by looking deeply within, examining, and cherishing all things Shetland; couple this with intense preservation of Shetland’s uniqueness. I LOVE SHETLAND!!!

Iona Abbey, Eau Claire, WI, United States
4 years ago
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