STOP Selwyn College Spraying Toxic Chemicals Outside Preschool

STOP Selwyn College Spraying Toxic Chemicals Outside Preschool

1 October 2020
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Sheryll Ofner - Principal of Selwyn College and 1 other
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Why this petition matters

Started by Amy Nash

Twice this week Selwyn College has sprayed chemicals on the field next to the Barfoot Stadium, including the Eastern Bays Learning Centre, without notice to any concerned parties.  The sprays used include a highly toxic fungicide that is unsafe for children and members of the community. 

The Preschool have asked to be notified when spraying will take place, have asked that it is conducted outside Preschool opening hours and that signage is erected informing that spraying is occurring and for it to remain in place until it is safe to use the field again.  The signage needs to be visible to all who enter the Barfoot & Thompson Stadium grounds.

Students of the College, children attending holiday programs and after school care and members of the community including those walking dogs and engaged in recreational activities, all use the field and surrounding areas.  It is not acceptable that the health of people and animals is put at risk and we are not notified so we can make an informed and educated decision on whether to enter the area or send our children to Preschool.  

When chemicals are sprayed during the Preschool hours the children are forced to stay inside.  This interrupts their learning and the educational planning undertaken by teaching staff.

Please sign this petition to put the following steps in place by Selwyn College:

1.  The College is to use non-toxic herbicides, pesticides and fungicides where possible.

2. The Barfoot & Thompson Stadium and Eastern Bays Learning Centre are sent the proposed spray plan and any required stand down period afterwards, at least 7 working days prior to the first spray application date.  This includes any plan that will be conducted by the College or other parties including Auckland Cricket.

3. The Barfoot & Thompson Stadium and Eastern Bays Learning Centre must be advised either by a written, telephone or email notification of intent to use spray at least 24 hours prior to the proposed application date.

4. Selwyn College are required to publicly notify, by a method such as the local newspaper or letter drop in the area to be sprayed, at least seven working days prior to, but no more than one month before any chemical or spray application date. This notification could also be via a neighbourhood media site.

5. Selwyn College are required to place signs in the immediate vicinity of the spraying during the spray period and any required stand down period afterwards.  This includes signage which is visible when entering the Barfoot & Thompson Stadium car park.

The above protocols are nationally accepted guidelines or codes of practice including compliance with the New Zealand Standard on Management of Agrichemicals (NZS 8409:2004).

Thank you for taking the time to protect the health of our children and community members.

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Signatures: 105Next goal: 200
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Decision makers

  • Sheryll Ofner - Principal of Selwyn College
  • Nigel Bennetts - Business Manger at Selwyn College