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Facebook is once again deleting published pages with no warning or no explanation other than their standard, "It looks like recent activity on your page doesn't follow the Facebook Pages Terms"; with no explanation given as to what exactly violated said terms so there is no realistic option for appeal.  They have within the past week deleted Jo Budd's "FILHAB" (Fuck it Lets Have a Beer) page that was started in September of 2012 and has over 2.6 million fans and was gaining thousands more weekly.  We want this page republished and we want reasons why it was removed to begin with.  What it showed the administrators of the page was the profile image didn't adhere to the Pages Terms, but it was merely an image of bat's wings with the letters FILHAB across the wingspan.  It is a copyrighted image owned by Jo Budd and not in the least bit offensive or a violation of anything in any way. All administrators associated with the page received 30-day bans for the bat wings profile image.  As usual with this company NO HELP but ineffectual links that have nothing to do with your immediate problem.   In the original principles that Facebook was founded on the #4 principle states- 

Fundamental Equality
Every Person - whether individual, advertiser, developer, organization or other entity - should have representation and access to distribution and information within the Facebook Service, regardless of the Person's primary activity. There should be a single set of principles, rights, and responsibilities that should apply to all People using the Facebook Service.

I guarantee you this is not the case.  We want FILHAB reinstated and explicit explanations as to why it was removed, to begin with, and why the administrators were banned for no reason.   Let Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg know we are more than dollar signs and let your voice be heard.  

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