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Northland has reached crisis point. The lack of GPs in Northland means that people requiring medical care are being told to wait. The average wait time in Whangarei is 2 weeks, with some patients waiting as long as a month to be seen by a GP. 

In Whangarei, there are now only 3 surgeries taking new clients. In Kaitaia, there are no clinics accepting new enrollments, meaning that people new to the area are needing to travel to other towns to see a doctor. 

This is not a new problem. Previous governments have been aware of this, as is this one, and yet they've allowed us to hit crisis point. Northland's population is growing rapidly, but our healthcare system is not keeping up and is currently unable to cope. 

The shortage is unfair. Its unfair on the sick, it's unfair on the doctors who are under huge strain in dealing with a very large patient load. And it's dangerous. We run the risk of people becoming very ill while they wait to be seen, and of overworked doctors making mistakes. 

There are long term plans in the pipeline which aim to bring doctors to the area, but immediate action is required too. Adequate healthcare is a basic human right that our people are currently missing out on.

Northland needs doctors, NOW!