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Personal story: I am an ODSP recipient. This is not a choice. I worked for years before I became too sick to work and was dismissed from my job. I was forced to turn to ODSP.

In 1995, the Conservative Gov't cut ODSP income by 22.6%. Harris also drastically reduced the number of subsidized housing units in Ontario. A direct result of these cuts resulted in the death of my son when I lost my housing unit. Cutbacks have real-life consequences. I know first hand.

Now, Doug Ford will cut an additional $343.00 off of ODSP cheques. STOP! How many people need to die or end up homeless before you realize your arbitrary decisions affect real people.

The issue: Historically, society has hidden disabled people away. That is what Ford is attempting to do. Only, we are tired of fighting for diabetic foods or orthotic shoes or any number of other deserved items needed to survive. We have worked and contributed to society. We continue to volunteer and support our communities. We are worthy people and are not sitting back to allow conservatives to dictate our lives.

If a parent took a child's survival needs away they would go to jail. Doug Ford, you are taking our means of survival out of our mouths. You give rich people a tax break then cover that by taking money from one of the most vulnerable sectors in society. Why?

We are already living well below Ontario's poverty line. Now you are creating a whole new meaning of poverty. We can no longer afford rent, food, clothing or even a birthday present for our children. The repercussions will snowball and bite you in the ass when we are forced to live in city hall, the people's building. So much for the fiscally responsible government, you brag about. Your sense of entitlement has rendered you insensitive to other people's needs. Guess what, people vote you in and people can vote you out. STOP the madness!!!

Take action! Please sign this petition to stop the Conservative government from controlling our lives and further increasing our poverty. We deserve to live a healthy lifestyle. Doug Ford is reducing us to a level of poverty not known in the Western world. Stop Ford from dictating our lives. If this petition does not work we will need to go live in Toronto's City Hall.