Save graduation, help keep the JCPS graduation date the same

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As reported by JCPS communications representative Toni Konz Tatman, seniors in Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) will now graduate over a three-day period starting May 31, according to the alternate graduation schedule put into place after Friday’s district wide school cancellation. The district wide school cancellation was due to a teacher protest known as the "sick out". The sick out was in protest to Kentucky pension reform, that in summary the bill does not include some provisions teachers found most objectionable — like a reduction in cost-of-living increases for retired teachers or a change in how long current teachers must work before being eligible for retirement benefits — it does move future teachers from the current traditional pension plan into a new "hybrid" cash balance plan. It also limits the impact of sick leave payments on retirement benefits.

As JCPS students, teachers and faculty members I ask that we join together and help keep the graduation dates the same. I propose that the students are not required to make up anymore days cancelled due to the lack of substitutes willing to fill the needed positions.