Tax Credits for Personal Agriculture: Affordable Healthy Food - It's Your Right

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Tax Credits for Personal Agriculture:  Affordable healthy food - It’s your right!

Imagine you’re at the store shopping for your family.  On the left you see potato chips, oreos and other processed junk food.  You know you and your family need to eat healthy.  So you look to the right and you see grapes, broccoli, and a whole emporium of “healthy” foods.  Sounds like a good choice, but wait!  You look a little closer and the grapes say, “treated with sulfites to preserve freshness.”  

Sulfites are often used in fruits and vegetables as preservatives. Some people have sulfite sensitivities that can lead to health problems.  The worst part is sulfites are only one of many added preservatives.  On top of preservatives, you also have to watch out for many forms of pesticides, fertilizers, GMOs, and much more.   All of which can lead to health complications.   Now we don’t know for sure the side effects, but that’s the thing we don’t know.  Unhealthy eating habits may not affect you today, or even a year from now, but eventually it will catch up to you. Because the bottom line is you are what you eat.  Eating all organic food can lead you to a much healthier lifestyle than if you don’t.  

So you decide to avoid the pesticides because you're concerned it’s bad for you, but you can’t find anything better. Until AHA!  In a small section in the back you see some organic labels.  These fruits and vegetables are great, besides the fact that they are much more expensive.  You can’t afford this so you have to go with the preservative filled produce and hope you don’t get sick.

Although there is a solution and it’s called personal agriculture.  

Examples of types of personal agriculture include...

  • Aquaponics
  • Hydroponics
  • Aeroponics
  • Gardens
  • Fields of produce for personal usage

So why should you choose personal agriculture...

  • It encourages you eat healthy
  • It’s Diverse
  • Easy
  • Efficient
  • Fun

Growing your own food has so many benefits, except for the cost.  Not everyone can afford putting additional money into their own personal agricultural system.  Currently some tax incentives are only given for agricultural purposes if you grow for a profit, or plan on making a profit.  It’s a human right to be able to afford healthy food!  Tax credits should be available for all people!  People struggling to even put a roof over their head so they currently have to buy cheap, processed food.  People battling with diabetes, obesity, cancer, and other chronic illness but can’t afford overpriced organic food.  Anybody who is simply unmotivated to change their eating habits.  Let tax credits be everyone’s motivation to change the way they eat, and shed a new light on food.  Join the fight to get tax credits for personal agriculture, and affordable healthy food - It’s your right!



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