Get Mrs. Roberts (Assistant Principal) Fired

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Jodi Roberts, the assistant principal at Draper Park Middle School, should be fired because she touches and hurts students in a non-professional way. She has pinched me multiple times, she puts her arm around students as if they are friends, hits people on the back of the head, grabs students arms, and rumors say that she has put a student into a head lock. Even if the student has done something bad, this is no way for an assistant principal to deal with the issue. She has also searched through students phones, backpacks, and lockers with no reasonable cause. One of my close friends got sent to her office for collecting food at lunch to donate to those in need. She took away all of the food and threw it away. While he was in her office, she searched through his phone and backpack, and never gave a good cause. I was helping him collect oranges one day, and she came over and grabbed my arm and took my bag filled with them. That day she threatened to suspend us both, when we broke no rules. I did go through our school's policies an procedures and she has broken at least 3 of them. She has also changed the rules in our lunchroom. Now every single student (About 500 students) has to sit down before we can get our lunch. This rule has caused a multitude of students to miss their lunch, or not have enough time to eat it. We have given her a chance to be better, and talked to her about how she good be better, but she ignores us. I think it is about time for her to be fired for what she is doing to our school.

-Jake H.

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