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Fair and equal treatment of male victims of domestic violence by female abusers.

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Men are victims of domestic violence as well as women. The crime outlined below occurred on October 8, 2017. #MenAreVictimsToo

Today I sent the following email to the Commonwealth's Attorney for Frederick County VA. I will provide contact information for him and the sheriff at the end. i ask that you all send a quick note requesting appropriate charges be filed again her as soon as possible.

"Honorable Ross Spicer,

My name is Victor Purchase Sr. and I am writing you as a father that is heart broken and at my last wits. I am sure you are aware my son was the victim of a horrible crime in your county where he was shot by his then fiance at their home. Since this has happened I have become aware of the horrible abuse my son has endured during the past two years of the relationship. I have met with Officers and his supervisor from the Prince William County Adult Detention Center where he is an officer. Co-workers have advised me they spoke to him asking him to get out of the relationship when he started showing up to work with bruises and black eyes. I listened to his testimony at the protective order hearing where he testified under oath the he was frequently beat and had a gun pointed at him at least 10 times. I do not know your status as a parent, but I can tell you as one, it will bring you to your knees.

During this ordeal I have had the opportunity to speak to the lead investigator and two other investigators at the hospital who I did not obtain their names. While I am not an experienced investigator, a previous position as a Fire Inspector/Investigator do provide me with some insight into proper investigative procedures and it appears the lead investigator has not properly performed his duties. Lets start with the week and a half he held personal property without a warrant. It was a week and a half before he presented an affidavit for a search warrant to be able to go through the perpetrator and victim's phones. That seems to me an awful long amount of time to obtain something that would seem to be an incredible source of information while you are holding personal property. In addition, we received conflicting statements from the investigators in reference to obtaining a statement from my son. The two that came to the hospital advised us that while they could speak to him and obtain information, they could not take an official statement due to the the medicines he was taking. The lead investigator later advised me that was completely false. In addition, the lead investigator recently called my son and advised him he wanted access to the home so he could get trajectory patterns. My son advised him that would not be possible since the hole had been patched. The investigator became upset and asked my son who patched the hole and who gave them permission. My son advised him the landlord patched the hole. Now, in my experience, this is investigator 101, don't leave the scene until you are complete or obtain a warrant to secure the scene for a later date. It appears, this was not done.

Let me express, my son has made himself available for an interview and was denied several time until my son finally demanded he speak with him. He had to drive from Page County to Winchester to meet with him. In addition, the investigator has routinely been condescending and rude and on occasions has implied we better stop speaking to the press. I am not sure he is aware of our constitution. He has since been provided with a video of the perpetrator assaulting my son, an audio recording of her acknowledging she filed a false police report alleging my son assaulted her in August. He has been made aware her previous husband has reported she assaulted him and pointed a gun at him on at least two occasions during their marriage and even contacted him on October 30 and requested he not testify against her if she were to be charged. On top of that, if her story is she was scared of him that night, why would she drive the person she alleges was the instigator to the hospital. Please don't answer, that is a rhetorical question because it just doesn't make good common sense.

Recently my son took the audio recording to the Sheriff's Office and requested a case be opened and charges be filed based on the audio recording of her acknowledging she filed a false police report. The deputy that spoke to my son had the nerve to ask my son if he was doing this because of what she did to him. That statement and treatment of a victim is not acceptable and we will be following up with the Sheriff to file a formal complaint at a later time. If appropriate action is not taken, we will gain go to the media.

In addition, we have become aware even the hospital has concerns about her since they have terminated her as a nurse and her protective order was dismissed and my son's was granted for a two year period.

With this email, I ask that you, as the County's chief prosecutor, review this case and bring the appropriate charges against a dangerous woman that still walks the streets of your county."

The Sheriff is Lenny Millholland and if his email if the same as the rest of Frederick County Employees is and the number is 540-662-6168. The Commonwealth Attorney is the Honorable Ross Spicer and his email is and the number is 540-665-6383.

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