Bring Sherlockforlarry back

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Sherlockforlarry was a Larrie account who got bullied off the internet.

For the people who know Cansu and for the people who don't. She was a people's person. ha. She was kind, understanding, she was there when I needed her, she supported me when I went through terrible things and I supported her when she heard terrible things, but these past few days she went through really fucked up things. That beautiful person who never, ever said anything to offend anyone was bullied and abused by 1d stans for posting about bts.

How stupid is that, right? She's not obligated to like the boys and only the boys for the rest of her life. Are yall 12? Seriously?

It sounds so dumb to people, because they don't understand why it's such a big deal. But people have brought her to the point of deactivating multiple times, they made her genuinely unhappy, and she decided to leave. Permanently.

I am making this petition because people actually cared about that girl, and now she came to the point where she was so depressed and she was so afraid to log into her account every day, she just left everything she worked on behind.

Imagine working so hard on your account for years, getting 60,000 followers and then getting bullied to the point of you saying fuck it and deleting everything.

This petition is not only made for her, it's made for people's freedom to stan who the fuck they want to stan because we did not marry One Direction, kapeesh?


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