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Free The GG13 Crew From Jail!

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The crew of the reality web series "GG13: The Haunted World of CW" have been wrongfully jailed under false pretenses surrounding events that took place May 27th, 2017.

Constance Wilmenson, Whisper Wilmenson, Maxwell Wilmenson, Jimmy Wilmenson, Jessie Sholder, Paco Rodriguez, Nancy Rowlin, & Ginny Merr are currently being detained at the Wayne County Jail in connection with the murder of an as yet unidentified Jane Doe approx age 20-23 years that was found on their property.

How can someone deny the evidence that a dead body was found on their property? They DON'T. The GG13 crew discovered "Jane Doe" in their garage during a power outage during the early hours of the morning on May 27th. The ENTIRE incident was recorded on MULTIPLE cameras by the crew who record their daily life for a reality series they post regularly on YouTube @

The full episode detailing the events of May 27th was posted to their YouTube channel on May 28th by me in an effort to help continue to tell their story. The episode clearly shows the events as they happened in real time and was only edited for visual clarity. In the video itself Constance Wilmenson openly says that she is the one calling the police in an effort to report what happened nad AVOID being FALSELY ACCUSED. 

You can watch the full episode here:

It should also be noted that the Wilmenson house has been outfitted with a plethora of 24/7 security cameras in every room and exterior grounds. Evidence of a murder would surely be visible on one of the hundreds of cameras installed.  I personally went through all of the footage on their security hard drive and saw no breaks in time code via the security footage indicating that NO FOOTAGE HAD BEEN DELETED. 


With their personal account of the incident so well documented and available not just to the authorities but to the public as well it seems to me that the only REAL CRIME HERE is that these 8 individuals are being held falsely for a CRIME THEY DIDN'T COMMIT! We encourage YOU to sign here and let the authorities hear your voice and read your names in support of the people that so many of YOU have called upon in the past to SOLVE CASES JUST LIKE THIS ONE. The GG13 crew have a well documented history of SOLVING MURDERS, not taking part in them. In fact I'm confident that if we can band together and get them FREE the GG13 crew will be able to solve the mystery of WHO JANE DOE is as they've solved so many mysteries before. 

Love and peace,

Emma Joe Jackson

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