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Sheriff Maketa, please resign or take an unpaid leave of absence as Sheriff while you are under investigation.

       We, the citizens of El Paso County, Colorado are asking for the immediate resignation of Sheriff Terry Maketa following multiple accusations of abusive treatment of employees, misuse of tax dollars, inappropriate relations with subordinates, discrimination and creating a hostile workplace among others.
      El Paso County has suffered two large fires and multiple incidents of flooding over the last three years, we are heading into another fire season with flooding already a risk. We need a Sheriff's office that is cohesive and focused.
     While we believe in due process, it is irresponsible for Sheriff Maketa to stay in office while this investigation is being conducted since his presence may compromise the ability of staff to do their jobs efficiently. By not resigning, or at least taking an unpaid leave of absence, Sheriff Maketa is putting the very consituents he has sworn to protect at risk.
      Sheriff Maketa, we are asking, respectfully, that you resign for the sake and safety of the Sheriff's Office, the citizens and the visitors of El Paso County.

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