Sheriff Mina: Stop these large groups of intimidating & lawless bikers

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Mike Greene
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This petition originates from the citizens of Conway, however, these incidents are occurring countywide: On a daily, recurring and growing basis, for at least the past year, roving groups of up to 50 or more motorcyclists and ATV riders have been roaming the streets of Orange County, Florida, breaking countless traffic laws, intimidating other motorists, creating hazardous conditions, etc. They run red lights, they make illegal turns, they perform stunts on roadways with other motorists around them, they physically  block other motorists, they threaten other motorists, etc. On a daily and recurring basis, Orange County residents have complained about encountering these groups as they have been intimidated by the groups, forced to pull over, had their vehicles blocked, etc. This is a tinder box that is smoking. Some residents have already stated how these lawless people need to be "taken out", etc. It's a matter of time before an innocent person or a member of one of these groups is injured or killed. Let's prevent such a tragedy by taking decisive action now. This petition has been created because we are seeking action to be taken against these groups as a matter of public safety, quality of life and preventing a serious or deadly incident from occurring. There are several ways to combat this crime condition.

The following is one of many examples of how we can curb or end this behavior:

Request residents to call 911 when they spot such groups. Have dispatchers notify a pre-designated marked or unmarked car unit. Have that unit follow the group, make observations, video record the group and their actions, document license plate numbers (some have plates, some do not), etc. Have that unit notify air support. Have the helicopter follow the group from the air and pick out the most egregious person in the group-the person that's the most aggressive, etc. Have the chopper follow that person to determine and locate where that person stops/lives/leaves their ATV/motorcycle. Have ground units then travel to that location and investigate, with the goal of citing/arresting the operator and seizing their motorcycle / ATV. Cooperation with the State Attorneys Office and the use of search warrants may be necessary. *This method is the safest as it does not involve any vehicle pursuits, etc. 

*Once they start getting arrested and start losing their motorcycles/ATV's, other members will stop engaging in this behavior.