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As of now there have been countless cases of COVID-19 spread across the world earning itself the title of a Pandemic. Ontario itself now has 59 confirmed cases and many more that are undeclared.

These numbers are growing rapidly and as students, we are prime targets for this virus. Sheridan College has over 23,000 full time students and many of them need to attend the campus to complete their studies. Attending school and coming into contact with so many people each day puts us and our families at risk. If you ask me, it is absolutely unnecessary.

This kind of stress along with the potential of our marks being jeopardized as a consequence of not attending school is something we should not have to face. Our health comes first before anything. 

This petition is to give students a safer alternative to learning by shutting down all campuses and posting material (homework, tests, assignments) online. Let’s not repeat the mistakes of others, and work together to prevent any harm in the lives of students and even faculty. 

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