Letter of Concern for G.E.C.D.S.B

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To: Erin Kelly and members of the Great Essex County District School Board, and Trustees
Re: Concerns about lack of progress of the $44 million Kingsville School build.
We, the Undersigned, are writing following the closures of Ruthven Public School (2013), Harrow Junior Public School (2012) and Harrow District High School (2016), to set out our concerns about the impact it has had and is still having on both our students and our communities.
On or around September 18th, 2018 Sheri Dzudovich personally sent an email regarding her concerns as to “what was going on with the new Kingsville family of schools build?”
She believes and is certain, she is not the only person within our communities with cause for concern.
This letter is written to demonstrate there are many who are concerned about the New Kingsville family of schools build that was promised April 25, 2016 by the Education Minister Liz Sandals and yourselves. We were all promised that a shovel would be in the ground and the new school would open September 2019 school year. Being November 2018 already, this seems to be such an untruthful statement. Our past, current, and present students, teachers and parents, along with a community daycare, have been waiting diligently without answers while other schools have been announced to have properties and times of build before ours.

Here is a list of our requests:
We would like talks and negotiations with the Town of Kingsville to move forward, land to be finalized and building to begin.
We would like to have knowledge of a definitive TIME LINE and DATE LINE of when the school will start being built and will be finished. We want to move forward with this process as others are moving forward.

Personal story
We would therefore hope that; now that we have placed our concerns on record and made them public, The Greater Essex County District School Board will have constructive discussions to consider how all these concerns can be addressed and dealt with in a timely manner so that our present, and future students, staff and families know you have the best interest of our communities in mind moving forward.
We, the communities of Cottam, Colchester, Harrow, Kingsville, Ruthven, look forward to your acknowledgement and your taking this matter forward in a timely manner.
Yours sincerely,
Members of the Kingsville of Family Schools