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This petition is regarded to the Episode community. It is not an attack towards the company, it is a vital and substantial request from Episode authors and victims.

"...with over 6 million registered creators and 57,000 stories." - Episode

Episode authors have to deal with significant hate on a daily basis. This hate, that can be found in "Fanmail" in the Writers Portal. It has no way of being stopped! With only the 'Report', 'Underage' and 'Delete' feature, which has no major impact at all. The author would have to single-handedly report or delete every single comment that can be categorised as hate. These comments can go up to tens, hundreds or thousands creating even more struggle! Of course, nobody has time for that.

The impact of this can be crucial! Affecting the victim mentally or physically examples such as; depression, low self-esteem, loss of motivation, anxiety, changes in eating and so much more. The victim can also be suffering beforehand causing even more stressors. The hate received from the 'Fanmail' is a subject of bullying and harassment.

Victims do also receive harassment that requires the police's involvement. The violation of their privacy that involves the exposure of their private phone numbers, emails and addresses. Events of harassment have been ongoing within the community.

All of the following are the main source of 'Fanmail'.


From the whole Episode community and Episode authors who are now and were victims,

We ask you to resolve and end this ongoing hate that these people are going through.

The following options that we suggest are;

1. The author/s can turn off or on the Fanmail completely.

2. The Fanmail has word filters that stop cursing, harassment, spams and so on.

3. Fanmail will have a connection with Episode Profiles, so there will be no anonymous bullying. The author will be allowed to block that person profile from writing anything in their Fanmail, however, they will be still allowed to view the authors Fanmail.

To Episode, please resolve this important issue. Either with our suggested options or with your own ideas, please help your authors deal with this hate. 


Please sign this petition if you believe that Episode can help change the situation of authors dealing with hate, harassment and bullying. 

Thank you for understanding.

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This petition had 175 supporters