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Allow AP Bio students to retake failing assignments for a 70 & have quiz/test corrections!

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I am an AP Biology student. Over the course of the semester, I've learned lots of things from my teachers and my classmates. Personally, biology is not my best subject. However, I continue to actively seek opportunities to improve myself. I push myself to work harder and seek assistance when necessary. It is to my knowledge that the curriculum began to change and become more difficult this year. Along with my classmates, I feel that many policies are unfair. We are not allowed to even retake failing quizzes and tests for a 70, which all of the AP classes I have taken allow. This means that even if I get a 10, it goes in the gradebook. I recognize that grades aren't the only thing that matter, but the AP Biology department does not seem to recognize the rigorous nature of this course. The quizzes are application-based, which require more extensive thinking than our notes provide. Furthermore, we get a retake option for the test and FRQ but even the teachers admit that "it's definitely harder". I want to be clear that I don't have a problem with any of the teachers, just the way the curriculum is presented and some policies. All the teachers have been extremely helpful in class and especially in tutorials. I really do have a passion for biology and a lower GPA isn't going to change that but I want to express my discontent with the policy because it isn't promoting better learning. Instead, it discourages students and makes them even more stressed. Ask any AP Bio student and they'll tell you the truth. Students, ages 15-18, are losing sleep over a high school biology class. As school administrators and educators, surely this issue is an area of concern? It is both physically and mentally unhealthy and adjustments should be made. How can students achieve their full potential when they get 4 hours of sleep a night and a day full of stress? I understand that many people may say that it's our decision to take this AP class, but it's really gone too far. Administrators, teachers, and school staff, I ask you to please reconsider the policy and allow AP students to retake all failing assignments for a 70 and be allowed to correct quizzes/tests to get half points back. It's a worthy cause. Let's fight for the well-being of our students. 

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