Oceans Not Oil - Boycott Shell South Africa

Oceans Not Oil - Boycott Shell South Africa

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Shell South Africa

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Started by Leah Joubert

The petroleum company known as Shell has recently decided to conduct seismic surveying for oil and gas in South Africa's Wild Coast. Basically, they want to blow up our wild coastline and destroy kilometres and kilometres of priceless and endangered dune vegetation and fauna - all in the name of money. 

That's right. Shell has decided to put its own financial gain above conserving one of the precious few truly wild coastlines we have left. If Shell does this, we will lose not only an astounding research and conservation area, but also degrade the health of our very oceans. 

Shell is currently embroiled in several lawsuits to stop them from destroying the Wild Coast, but they've already won one, and might easily keep winning. This is utterly unacceptable, and people across South Africa are uniting under the calls of "To Hell With Shell" and "Oceans Not Oil!" 

The more pressure we put on Shell, the more they'll have to listen to us and leave our Wild Coast in peace. If people across the world can understand the horror of what Shell is trying to do, we can force them to stop before they destroy the Wild Coast.

So if you prize oceans above oil, if you place conservation above money, if you think that conserving the Wild Coast is more important than the oil and gas that might be found there - sign here, and help us boycott Shell to hell and back. We want our Wild Coast wild, now and forever! 

12 have signed. Let’s get to 25!