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According to Greenpeace, "Shell lost control of its 14,000 ton drill rig in Dutch Harbor." If they can't control their drill rigs there, we cannot trust them to preserve the wilderness off the coasts of Alaska. We CANNOT let Shell run around the pristine Arctic wilderness. In some places, they can even be as close as 16 miles to Alaska's National Wildlife Refuge. Imagine if an oil spill were to occur.

Save the earth. Sign the petition to help stop Shell from continuing their Arctic drilling plans.

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Shell Company
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Shell Company.

Stop plans to drill in the Arctic

Shell's plans to drill for oil off the coasts of Alaska pose major concerns. Opposed by both environmental groups and some Alaskan natives, this operation would cause great harm to the environment. There is great risk for a potential oil spill, which would harm the waters and the animals thriving on the water.
Please stop all plans for drilling in the Arctic, presently and in the future.


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