Memphis School For The Arts-providing an alternative to regular education

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Mission:  The Memphis School for the Arts (MSA) will provide a safe space for artistic development and a rigorous academic education that will cultivate creative thinkers to become global citizens who promote advancement of the arts. 

In Memphis, the arts is such a vital part of the community's identity.  Research shows us there are numerous distinct relationships between the arts and academic and social outcomes: visual arts instruction and reading readiness; dramatic enactment and conflict resolution skills; traditional dance and nonverbal reasoning; and learning music and mathematics proficiency.  Memphis School for the Arts is committed to using data to drive toward its mission and vision.

Marcus Jones, the proposed Founder is a local musician and recording artist that has been an educator in the Memphis area for over 20 years.  Memphis School for the Arts is dedicated to providing the Memphis community a school curriculum that is focused on artistic development and providing a well-rounded rigorous academic education that promotes the advancement of the arts.

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