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Shelby County Commission: Vote NO on the job-killing Wage Theft ordinance

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This ordinance is problematic in that it creates a patchwork of various additional regulations that businesses are forced to learn and comply with, is unnecessary given the adequacy of existing remedies for employees and does not discourage frivolous or unfounded claims. The Wage Theft Ordinance makes it more difficult for businesses to be profitable; and a less profitable business is one unable to increase employees' wages, a vicious circle if ever there was one, especially here in Shelby County where our county is ranked at the bottom of the list for business friendly environments.
A few bad apples out of literally thousands of businesses that employ thousands of hard-working employees does not give Shelby County a green light to impose yet another unfunded mandate on the private sector. Businesses across the state are already drowning in a sea of unfunded mandates, rules, regulations and government red tape. Passage of the this ordinance will significantly add to this growing burden. We urge our county commissioners to vote NO on this ordinance and stop trying to bully law-abiding, taxpaying business owners into taking on more burdensome regulations.

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