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Vote NO on Chapt 4 Shelby County Code of Ordinances entitled Animals

While everyone can agree that the protection of animals is a must, the infringement on the rights of THE PEOPLE to obtain this goal is contrary to the ideals of self governance. The new standards of care laid out in this ordiance would have neighbors spying on neighbors and the role of government delving even deeper into areas they don't belong; Changing the water every day, requiring certain measurements for your dog house according to the size of your dog, keeping dogfood in a sealed container and of a certain quality, an acceptable length of toenails, regularly scheduled waste removal,etc. Who will be the arbiter of such rules?State law already protects animals from abuse, this law goes beyond the pervue of protecting animals from abuse. Being able to make a complaint anonymously will encourage more frivolous calls against neighbors stemming personal animosities which is already a problem not to mention that citizens have the right to confront their accuser's in court.

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