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As a young Jewish woman living in the United States, I am absolutely horrified. I have always purchased clothing and other accessories from Shein and have always admired they're cheap prices. However, due to their "fast fashion" tendencies, not only are they aid in destroying the environment, but they have openly come out as anti-semitic. The link above takes you to their website, displaying a metal swastika necklace for sale. This is absolutely disgusting, evil, and we must boycott shopping and giving them business. 

Most of this company gains its financial revenue through American shoppers and it would be completely against American values to buy anything from a company that is racist, and openly anti-semitic. Please sign this petition so Shein removes this deplorable necklace from their website and raise awareness so people stop supporting their business! 6,000,000 people did not suffer and die in the Holocaust for people to be reverting back to such heinous times in history. Please show support and sign!!!!! By signing, you are also demanding a public statement from Shein to address their reasoning behind selling such a disturbing product!