Please Stop Retaliatory Negative Reviews for Caregivers & Allow For A Fair Review System

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Jennifer Hilton
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While leaving balanced and fair reviews of caregivers is a necessary tool, it has become a means for retaliation for disgruntled parents seeking caregivers.  There is no system in place to ensure that the reviews are valid.  Even with proof that someone is simply angry (for a myriad of reasons - even as simple as not accepting a job offer), these reviews stay on the accounts of caregivers for others potential families to see.  When the reviews are derogatory & false, they are in fact legally defamatory.  

In addition, there is no system in place for caregivers to review families that they may or have worked with.  The only recourse, which has no effect whatsoever, is the capability to report or block (from messaging). At its core, this lends to the unfair & unbalanced dynamic of power and within the "care" platform.  I have access to private messages and text messages sent to nannies from those seeking care, reflecting not only blatant disrespect, but foul language and threats.  When nannies report this to care, nothing seems to be done.  Ever. 

The particular cases I am referring to: negative reviews from potential employers who have never interviewed, or even met with applicant; negative reviews from employers who are angry that a caregiver can no longer work for them & they use the review to retaliate; negative reviews for caregivers who turned down a job offer & the review is again, used to retaliate.  Often times negative reviews are left for the wrong caregiver.   On more than several occasions, when caregivers have reached out to "Care" customer support, to ask for help, they are advised "there is nothing we can do; the review/feedback is permanently on your account, even if it is false. Maybe you could reach out to the person and ask them to remove it?"  And then, out of the blue, the caregiver's account is cancelled with no explanation.  If you would like proof of these different scenarios, I can obtain them for you at your request. 

Please do the right thing & adjust this feature to require parents to provide legitmate proof of the negative review.  Perhaps require that the parent proves that they met with the caregiver?  Require the families to prove that they had a negative experience (screens shots of texts, or emails).   Also, allow nannies to leave reviews for families. 

There must be a checks & balances procedure to ensure that this tool is just & fair.  Allowing parents to defame caregivers out of spite is reprehensible. As of right now, there is no recourse for caregivers to correct false negative reviews - other than the option of a "counter statement." This is not enough. 


Jennifer Hilton & Marie Mouat, The Nanny Love on-line professional community of nannies & the entire community of nannies, sitters, and caregivers, and household employees all over the world.

Edit/update: some folks are fearful of direct retaliation from Care for signing this - many are opting to leave their personal info private.  Thats a problem.