Don't close down a prized student newspaper office

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As part of a large reorganisation, Sheffield Students' Union is planning to close down the office of a prized student newspaper, Forge Press, with massive repercussions for the nearby student television and radio stations.

Forge Press shares a small office, called the media hub, with Forge TV and Forge Radio. Together we are a nationally recognised, multi-award-winning student media. On the 15th July, word came down from the Union officers that the Press office would be shut down to make room for extra staff offices, and the entire student media would be crammed into half its current space.

The media hub was created with alumni donations granted expressly for the purpose of giving a voice to student journalists, not to provide office space for Union staff.

We are attracting more members every year, and if this plan goes ahead, overcrowding in the media hub would approach dangerous levels, meaning that we would have to turn away willing students, denying them the skills and experience of student media. We would also lose approximately half of our computers; leading to a massive reduction in the quality of the newspaper.

Through an intense email campaign, we've opened a dialogue with the Union officers, but we still need to convince them of the value of student journalism before the decision is finalised next week. That's where you come in.

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