Stop Capped Marks for Students Paying to Retake Modules

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I truly believe that if a student is taking the time to resit an entire year, attending lectures for the second time, starting assignments from scratch, and also paying the module fee which ranges from £1500 to £3000. Their mark should not be capped at 40%. 

I care so much about this problem students face, being a student who has had their mark capped is extremely restrictive in terms of applying for jobs, after all, the university wants us to be employed after the course since that's on their records.

By capping the mark you are restricting these students from achieving a degree class which could boost their career prospects. An example could be the difference between a third and a 2:2. Employers look past any student with a third usually. 

Just because they didn't manage to pass first time does not mean they don't deserve a second chance, especially since they're paying the price. Sometimes people need extra time and extra help to complete something they find challenging. 

My solution would be to either remove the hefty fee if the university is so insistent that the mark should be capped at 40%, or remove the cap entirely if they wish to keep the fee. 

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