Sheffield Do Not 'Honour' Stringfellow

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Whilst we appreciate that friends and family of the late Peter Stringfellow mourn their loss, we feel it would be wholly inappropriate to honour Stringfellow in the Sheffield ‘WALK OF FAME' alongside local greats such as Gordon Banks, Sean Bean, Michael Palin, Helen Sharman and Jessica Ennis.

Stringfellow is synonymous with the total glamorisation of the strip industry, as countless press obituaries have been quick to point out. What they were less quick to point out, however, is that this industry is actually synonymous with the abuse of women - harassment, intimidation and assault of performers is rife within clubs; women are harassed outside clubs and they fuel a 'President’s Club' culture in wider society:  More Here

This has been underlined by TWO COURT CASES, ironically, taken against Sheffield City Council, that show strip clubs breach equality law because they go hand-in-hand with the harassment, discrimination and victimisation of women.


On top of this, Stringfellow himself went to court THREE TIMES to make sure lap dancers have absolutely NO EMPLOYMENT RIGHTS. Is THIS how a local boy 'makes good'?


Honouring a man synonymous with the strip trade is honouring the epitomy of sexism, misogyny and male sexual entitlement. It says to all that Sheffield endorses the harm which goes hand-in-hand with this branch of the sex industry.


We therefore call upon Sheffield Council not to add Stringfellow to its 'Walk of Fame'