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Stop 17 dogs being put down after one single complaint about loud barking

A sanctuary that has cared for unwanted animals for 64 years may be forced into the heartbreaking decision to put down all its dogs – because of one complaint about barking.
Twin sisters Pat Hartley and Jane Wright have been issued with a council noise abatement order which they say they cannot afford to comply with. It means they must find homes for their 17 dogs or have them destroyed.
They fear they may even be forced to close Mill House Animal Sanctuary, which is also home to 10 cows, 10 ponies, seven pigs, five sheep, five llamas and three goats.

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City Council Sheffield Council
Stop 17 dogs being put down after one single complaint about loud barking.

Only 1 complaint in 6 decades? This is an unlawful treatment of a registered charity, with clear social and environmental aims. We are talking about a semi rural area, with a rich agricultural history being violated. We are talking about two people who have dedicated their entire lives to remedying the social failures of others, who have no doubt provided warmth and kindness to animals who feel and suffer just like humans.
There is no proof or recordings of the sound levels.
Sheffield council give this santuary a fair chance.

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