Stop the development of a supermarket on Thorncliffe land

Stop the development of a supermarket on Thorncliffe land

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Alison Roy started this petition to Sheffield City Council and

Morbaine has recently put out proposals to build a discount/low-cost supermarket on the land off Mortomley Lane/Thorncliffe Lane/Thorncliffe View with over 120 parking spaces (imagine, this is the approx. size as the Aldi at Ecclesfield!).

Ackroyd and Abbott, who own the land, originally gained planning permission to build more affordable homes on this site, but now this does not give them enough profit. Ackroyd and Abbot have held onto this land for over 10 years and now want to develop a large supermarket but have articulated no benefits whatsoever to the residents and community of Thorncliffe and Chapeltown except to sell us 'the dream' that we need to buy more things.

As a resident of Thorncliffe View, I and others have not asked for this development and do not want it as it will have many negative long-term effects to the neighbourhood. I am also very concerned for the safety of children on this stretch of road as well as the wider community.  Please please support this petition and help to prevent the development of a supermarket on this site.

This is a dense residential area, situated on a narrow road that already has several safety concerns.  There is a major concern with increased traffic as Mortomley Lane is already very busy and prone to speeding. In recent years, there has been a death, a car losing control and crashing into a home, plus numerous other serious and minor accidents at this precise site and on the corner junctions with Thorncliffe Lane, Thorncliffe View, and Worrall Road.  There is also the local junior school a few hundred yards away, plus an elderly care home and an elderly sheltered accommodation home directly opposite which will be greatly and negatively affected.

For the developer, this is about recouping the naturally growing profits from land price increases over the years as quickly as possible.  For the residents and community, this is about the long-term sustainability, growth and wellbeing of Chapeltown.

There are significant disadvantages to the immediate residents and the surrounding neighbourhood, including:

*  Increased traffic and noise on an already busy road, particularly as it will pass by the local junior school and elderly care home

*  Increased vehicle and pedestrian accidents at and around site entrance, more likely in poor weather and visibility conditions

*  The traffic into and out of the site won’t only consist of cars - very large articulated HGV lorries and other delivery lorries, waste trucks, large vans etc - would need to service a busy retail outlet AT LEAST twice a day (minimum). The 'swing' angle of these HGVs and other vehicles constantly going into and out of a site, regardless of time of day, would have a major effect on pedestrians as well as the residential properties opposite as they do not have (and cannot create) any off-road parking, pushing additional parking onto the already congested side roads.

*  Negative environmental impact on residents on all sides from the noise, air and waste pollution. The site is enclosed by homes on all four sides, plus a nursery approx. 50 metres away.  For one set of residents, they will be 'sandwiched' by the already existing industrial estate on the other side!

*  Increased anti-social behaviour and crime on the site due to lack of security

*  Discourage new families moving into the area and so impact on the growth of reputation of Chapeltown and subsequently reduced numbers at the nurseries, schools and other services

*  Having a negative impact on the smaller, but valued, independent shops, such as butcher, farm shops, grocers

*  Decrease in the selling and reselling value of surrounding properties

The proposal that market research was carried out and has shown a need for a supermarket, yet the ratio of food retailers per square mile is already much higher in this area than many others in Sheffield. It is also not clear where this market research was carried out or who with, but in an area which already has a local shopping centre and is already congested with retail outlets, a simple Google search shows that within walking distance of the site, there is already a:


*  large Asda supermarket (0.6 miles)

*  2 x Co-Operative (0.5 and 0.6 miles)

*  Sainsburys Local (0.5 miles)

*  Tesco Local (0.6 miles)

*  Nisa (formerly Spar) (0.6 miles)

*  Londis (0.6 miles)

*  Nisa (0.7 miles)

*  Chapeltown shopping centre and market (0.7 miles)

*  Numerous other smaller retailers where a variety of items can be purchased

Plus, within 2 MILES of the site, there is a:

*  Large Aldi

*  Large Morrisons

*  One Stop Shop

*  Numerous other smaller retailers!

There is a clear disregard to the current neighbourhood which has taken years to try and build reputation all for the sake of making a quick profit. The labels "discount" and "low cost" already put negative connotations on the value they place on the neighbourhood and will impact on house prices and eventually drive those neighbours wanting to improve the area elsewhere.

The community is more in need of more affordable new and stylish homes for first time buyers or new/smaller families who wish to purchase their homes and remain in the area. This provides better regeneration by bringing more young families and young professionals into the neighbourhood and allows local progression up the housing chain.  It will also bring greater benefits to the existing businesses with the new homes providing families who would support the existing infrastructure of local schools, sports facilities and other local amenities.

It has taken the residents of Thorncliffe and Chapeltown a long time to build and improve the reputation of the community which is already on a slow decline.  Having a development like this will only have a further detrimental effect on that reputation and we will only end up with more empty and boarded up shops because the business cannot be sustained.

Further information for context

Adding another large supermarket into the area carries several risks to all who live nearby.


*  Together with the busy junctions of Thorncliffe Lane, Thorncliffe View and Worrall Road, this would create a key pinch point in the road which would be detrimental and put at risk, those pedestrians - young and old - who freely walk on the side where the entrance opening is planned. This increased level of traffic on the road will be significant at any time (and further damage the already poor road surfacing) but will surely increase the number of accidents and congestion during periods of snow and poor weather, and high sun.

*  The only main route for these large vehicles to get to this site passes by the local junior school which is already constantly subject to buses, large vehicles and other speeding traffic and is a daily danger to the school children and others trying to cross.  Directly opposite the site is an elderly care home which already has problems with medical support, carers and visitors accessing their site. Increasing the volume and frequency of traffic at these locations would only make this worse.

*  The air quality and smells coming from a large retail outlet and from increased affect the quality of life in the surrounding neighbourhood

*  The area to be developed is situated off a small but very busy main road (with 2 busy side road junctions) and is surrounded by homes on all four sides.  For one set of residents, they will be 'sandwiched' by the already existing industrial estate on the other side!  Directly opposite the site, is an elderly care home whose access is already affected by the current levels of traffic.

*  Security around the site would be in the hands of the supermarket, and as is often the case, out of hours security is non-existent. As a result, this will attract an increase in unsociable behaviours, increased crime levels (easier escape routes), additional late-night noise and no doubt significantly increase the amount of commercial and non-commercial rubbish.

*  The food retail market is already over-crowded in this small area and this development will have an impact on those smaller valued businesses, such as the butchers and grocers and farm shops, who have fought long and hard to keep their customers, and particularly benefit of the older or eco-families of the community.

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