Make our Walkley streets safe for social distancing, and healthy for our future

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During this crisis we’ve all had a glimpse of how quiet and calm our streets can be, and most people don't want to go back to the old 'normal' of traffic stress, pollution and danger.

We all know that we urgently need to make our streets as safe as possible for Walkley people, and even as we move out of lockdown we will need to maintain social distancing rules. We need much more space than our narrow pavements offer, and should not be put in danger if we have to walk in the road. 

So we are calling on Sheffield City Council to help us create:

  • wider space for pedestrians at busy areas, like shops on South Road
  • quiet streets protected from through-traffic

These changes would make it possible for us to use our streets for walking or cycling journeys at a safe distance from each other. It would also prevent rat-run speeding.

It will make it safer for us to travel more easily and reliably without using cars or buses — helping us to walk and cycle throughout the area, use local businesses, or get into the city centre. Reducing car journeys will make us healthier, protecting the NHS, and help us with the urgent challenges of air pollution and addressing the climate emergency.

We also want the most vulnerable in our community — especially children, disabled people and older people — to have freedom to use our streets safely.

We’re encouraged to hear that Sheffield City Council are considering these ideas across the city, and we want to show our support here in Walkley.  To help we also have a sample plan for how we might create a Low Traffic Neighbourhood in Walkley.

Please sign to show your support.


Sam, and the Walkley Streets 4 People group

P.S. If you’d like to help to make this happen, contact Thank you!