Labour run Sheffield Council must stop the reckless, brutal felling of the city's trees.

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This petition is not just for the people of Sheffield... but for everyone who cares about human rights, and the environment?

Labour run and led Sheffield City Council is embarking on a several year plan to cut down 17 500 of Sheffield's trees!

Trees are beneficial to our environment in so many respects:

Trees absorb carbon dioxide from our cars and turn this into oxygen, as well creating an excellent environment for wildlife to live in. They have been proven to reduce the urban heat effect, the temperature of the cities we live in, and also reduce the stress of the people abiding and working in this environment. 

Trees form such an intrinsic part of our lives, I can only think that Labour Sheffield Council is out of touch, and forgotten what makes for the real important things in our lives?

This destructive action taken by Labour run Sheffield City Council is 'entirely' unnecessary:

Some of the trees being cut down are over a 100 years old, and have a history, which the Labour run council should respect?

This act of short-sighted wanton vandalism must be stopped!

The additional disgrace is that Labour has taken a direct swipe at our civil liberties, by attacking the people's right to protest!

Jeremy Corbyn also 'must' take note... if Labour are attacking people's right to protest when they are in opposition - then how and why should we 'ever' trust them in Government?

These events concern all of ourselves, an attack on the rights of one of us... is actually an attack on the rights of all of us!

Not to mention the fact that privatisation of particularly public spaces goes fundamentally against Labour's beliefs! Nevertheless, here we are with a Labour run Sheffield Council, which has in effect privatised these trees, and let Amey a 'construction' company do as it may... with merely the narrow of vision, shortsighted aim of saving money.

When all is said and done, let us stop this?

Let us not betray future generations who will wonder what on earth we were thinking - in felling these graceful examples of how our urban environment can be of so much benefit for everyone.

Please sign the petition, make a change, and fight... for what you care and believe in?

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