Please Sheffield Children's accept Bonnie-Roses Care?

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Bonnie-Rose born 13/10/2017 is stuck between hospitals, born in Bradford Royal Infirmary in poor condition also unaware if she had inherited a genetic illness which causes small bowel failure, her care was dictated by specialist in Sheffield Children's to trial a special feed while we waited for results from Gentic testing. Bonnie-Rose went into bowel failure at 10 days of life, I (her mother) was asked for preference of my babies Care I asked for Sheffield Children's (as they have treated this Microvillus Disease with my other 2 children) but I was denied this due to post code of where we lived. Bonnie-Rose was then transferred to Leeds General Infirmary where I have battled for months even found myself having to dictate my daughters fluid requirements, after a break down of communication and trust I was told to take my baby to Sheffield Children's in a meeting where I addressed my complaints. After several weeks we have had excuse after excuse from Sheffield one being no Capacity. Leeds also have no Capacity for home Care. I decided to move home to be within the Sheffield postal code also closer to immediate family for support, I was then asked to request a GP letter to confirm we were registered under the Sheffield enchantment area, I refused to do such a thing and told the teams it's the NHS they can request the information themselves. That was confirmed Sheffield then accepted Care but wanted a meeting with family and the team at Leeds to have a full hand over of Care, I was given different days for this maybe this week maybe next. I (Bonnie-Roses mother) decided it was in my daughters best interest to be moved safely but felt the wait for meetings was prolonging the process so it was agreed doctors would give hand over of Care then it's a matter of waiting for a bed. The meeting went ahead Care was handed over from Leeds to Sheffield but Sheffield further refused Care for Bonnie-Rose, I have now had to follow the complaints procedure within the NHS through PALS asking for confirmation and reasons for refusal of Care.

please sign this petition to help get Bonnie-Rose moved to Sheffield Children's Hospital as soon as possible I have 6 more children at home whom all want to get to bond with their sister and are missing me as their mother, I am very lucky to have the family and friends to help support with my children at home whom are having to move home and schools.

thank you