Sheffield Allow MIX Fleet, No PHO Door signage, Additional Test Centres, Hackney survey

Sheffield Allow MIX Fleet, No PHO Door signage, Additional Test Centres, Hackney survey

1 June 2022
Petition to
Waste and Streetscene Policy Committee of Sheffield City Council (Sheffield City Council)
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Why this petition matters

Started by Ibrar Hussain

We the undersigned Sheffield licensed hackney carriage and private hire owners/driver's hereby ask the members / Chair of the waste & streetscene policy committee of Sheffield City Council & the licensing service taxi section interim head to take into consideration seriously and without any delay as follows:

1: To allow Mix Fleet vehicle's to be licensed in Sheffield as part of the hackney carriage vehicle specification policy review, Excellent example of Leeds model eg Rear Loading vehicles and Saloon Cars,

2: Urgent Independent Unmet demand survey is carried out to determine the demand issue and wheelchair accessible demand, with immediate effect, 

3: All hackney carriage vehicle's licensed must have card reader as part of the licence condition for hackney carriage vehicle licence, 

4: Vehicle Age limitation should only be based on Emmission levels only not what type vehicle is licensed this applies to both hackney carriage and private hire vehicle's, in simple no Age limit on any vehicle,

5: No PHO door signage except Advance prebooking stickers on private hire vehicle's as an example like TFL model only in the front & Rear screens only, and Company PHO door signage should not be mandatory on any vehicle, but Voluntary Only delete new B under conditions,

6: Add a condition to PHO licence to promote and sign upto Localism and work to create Only local Sheffield licensed driver's on their platforms, and sign upto driver's rights at work in clear and understanding with meaningful consultation, 

7: As a priority Additional INDEPENDENT Approved Test Centres in Sheffield are given urgent and serious consideration without any delay, reference recent petition by Ibrar Hussain, 

8: licensing Service publishes its forward plan annually and its accounts taxi section online for licensed driver's to see and Driver's Portal explored without delay.

9: Licensing Service to review its consultative & Engagement policy, & work towards better communication with all drivers using every platform eg twitter,Facebook, instragam, emails, newsletter etc, 

As part of your consideration at the policy reviews soon in November 2022, Please take all above into consideration seriously and listen to the effected sheffield taxi trade driver’s as stakeholders input.


Thank you







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Signatures: 209Next Goal: 500
Support now