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Apologise and take responsibility for actions of priests who perpetrated sexual abuse against young boys who were seminarians at St. Peter Claver's College, Mirfield United Kingdom.

The catholic church should return to being the moral compass of our society. The Mirfield Twelve have been united in our fight for justice and despite overwhelming evidence the Comboni Missionaries paid out a meagre 120,000 pounds without admission of guilt. The Mirfield Twelve believe that the Comboni Missionaries should be subject to the rule of law and not use out of court settlements to silence the truth. Please take the time to visit our blog to gain background information. Lend us your support to bring about change.

We seek your support to assist the Mirfield 12 prevent clerical sexual abuse in our society.


Our overall objectives for this campaign are as follows:


. To get a formal apology from the Comboni Missionaries for the victims of clerical sexual abuse.


. To  bring about institutional change within the Comboni Missionaries and other religious institutions to minimise the potential for clerical sexual abuse occurring.


. Seek legislative change to amend UK laws to ensure that compensation payouts are line line with other western law systems (e.g. Ireland, USA).


. To inform and educate sponsors and legislative authorities of the activities . To inform sponsors and legislative authorities of the activities of the Comboni Missionaries and other religious institutions where clerical sexual abuse has occurred in order that they can make informed decisions. 


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