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Improve Pedestrian Safety on Walton Ave

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Dear Sheena,

I am writing on behalf of the South Mountain Neighborhood Association in regards to the crosswalk located at the intersection of Walton Ave and Thornden Street. This afternoon I was a witness to the aftermath of a pedestrian/car accident.  Thankfully the victim's injuries appear to be non life-threatening, however, I fear that someone else might not be as lucky. Multiple times a day, nannies pushing infants in strollers, parents with their children, dog walkers, and school children walking home from SOMS and CHS use this crosswalk. I can speak from experience that very often people do not stop for pedestrians, as people frequently speed past me despite me being clearly attempting to cross with my 3 year old son. Unfortunately today a woman was injured, and I will not allow another day to pass without speaking up that improvements need to be made to prevent a worse tragedy.

The following are improvements that I believe need to be made in order to make this a safer crosswalk:

1) Repaint the crosswalk. I have noted this on SOConnect and GovAlert with no response being taken. The crosswalk is barely visible which may have contributed to today's accident. Update: This was done on 10/20/17 which we very much appreciate.

2) Install a crossing sign. 

3) Install a bump out. The road is too wide and encourages drivers to speed with no regard to pedestrian safety. 

4) Consider moving the crosswalk to the opposite side of the DPW road where there may be more visibility. 

In addition, we would like the Village to honor the commitments they have already made to calm traffic on Walton Ave and are a matter of public record, including installation of bump outs at the crosswalks at Lenox Ave and Audley St. 

I and others in the neighborhood would be happy to contribute in any way needed to move this forward. Due to this crosswalk's proximity to a popular playground, we feel that this needs an immediate response. We appreciate your careful consideration of this issue and hope to hear back soon with your thoughts and proposed course of action. 

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