SheDecides: End The Global Gag Rule Once and For All

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My name is Lilianne. I have been working on women's rights for the last 40 years. The Global Gag Rule which prohibits U.S. funding to NGOs that provide access to abortion services,  provide information about abortion and advocate for abortion law reform, is an atrocious legislation passed by President Trump.

Please sign the petition to ask the newly elected President Joe Biden and Vice-president Kamala Harris to repeal the Gag Rule and allow NGOs to continue supporting women's rights all over the world. 

The American people have chosen new leadership. With Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in office I see opportunities to change things around.

As an advocate and activist, I am part of #SheDecides, a global movement sparked in response to this injustice and united by the belief that every girl and every woman, everywhere, should have the right to information, to health care and to choose.

Once again, we are at a crossroads. Will the new US administration further backtrack in regressive policies or will it stand up to protect the rights of women and girls around the world? There is only one right answer: the next US administration must protect the lives of women and girls around the world. We must ensure that essential funding for women and girls’ health is no longer politicized and restricted – we must end the Global Gag Rule.  

The hard work starts now to reaffirm women's rights over their own bodies – without question!  

Thank you,  

Lilianne Ploumen