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Accessing the ANZ may NOT be as easy as ABC

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Summary: Currently, ANZ Bank are unwilling to sign a new agreement with Australia Post and pay them to act as banking Agent on their behalf.

Personal story: Hi I'm Angela H.Evans and I live in a semi rural tiny town in South Gippsland. I am an ANZ customer and mainly rely on my Local Post Office (LPO) to do my banking with the ANZ where online facilities are not an option, such as getting cash out to pay service providers who may be too small to afford electronic banking facilities, such as Mum and Dad businesses). I cannot easily access the ANZ bank, located for me, in the next town, ( 10 minutes by car) as public transport services are not frequent enough.I would have to spend the best part of a day just to get some cash out and return home. So I will then have to either book a taxi or rely on a family member to take me, which is not fair on them. That got me thinking; If it will be THIS frustrating for me, what about the thousands of other ANZ customers who have to travel further? What will they have to do?

What about the elderly and disabled customers to do?  Being able to bank at a place they feel comfortable with and people whom they trust is vital. Also switching banks at this time of their lives can be extremely stressful and may not even be feasible.

Should we be thinking of  switching  to another bank? One that REALLY Offers Customer Service.

The issue: Australia Post has a current agreement with the ANZ Bank to act as their Agent for a variety of banking services. This current contract runs out in January 2019. If it is not renewed, then ANZ bank customers will find it harder to  continue their banking with the ANZ. The 'big Three' other banks, namely CBA, NAB and Westpac, have already signed up. It seems that the ANZ feel they cannot afford to pay Australia Post for attending to ANZ customers for them.

It is unfair to expect Australia Post and their Franchisees to cover the costs for this. I certainly don't expect them to either. It seems to me AND Australia Post (and their Franchisees), that ANZ are NOT "...putting their customers first ..."  Also, IF the LPOs continued to work UNPAID on behalf of the ANZ they may have to rethink staying open. And THAT is NOT FAIR. To the LPOs, Australia Post . NOT FAIR to ANZ customers.

Take action! IF this petition does NOT help to persuade the ANZ Bank to sign up and pay up, ANZ customers, like me, will have no option other than to CHANGE BANKS. Remember, it is NOT just me.It is YOU, too. and all the other ANZ Bank customers. Especially those in Rural, Remote and even suburbs, where there is NO LOCAL ANZ branch (which seem to reducing in numbers continually). And Reduces the Accessibility to Bank ANZ for those who have a disability, or are older ANZ customers, or have no reliable transport to take to an ANZ Branch.

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