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A RIGHT TO A FAIR TRIAL AND Legal Counsel / A Lawyer and or Dismissal

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Shawnn Mcfadden suffers from a hearing and speech impediment. He speaks and sometimes its hard to understand.
Since childhood, Shawnn has had over eight ear surgeries and suffers from deteriorating hearing.

Shawn is a candidate for his hearing dysfunction for additional surgery,

We trust this information along with some of Shawnn’s medical records is helpful to the Honorable Court in facilitating a fair trial and a dismissal Of the false charges against him.

Shawnn is correctly representing himself and hasn't been given a fair opportunity to represent himself properly, instead: his rights have been numerously violated from the court as well as forcing him against his will into trail without allowing him time as well as proper legal representation that he feels will represent him according...

Here are some factorS within this case:

(1) Failure to allow access to financial resources to obtain a trustworthy attorney

(2) Effectively denying the defendant a right to counsel Pretrial and trial

(3) Failure to respond to pre trail discovery in the form of a FOIL, and in a timely manner

(4) Lack of jurisdiction on, without a lawyer to challenge said jurisdiction,

(5) Expiration of speedy trial clock, as a result of extraordinary prejudice and misconduct of the trial Judge

a. Staying the speedy trial clock- indefinitely- in effect circumventing the Constitutional Right To a Speedy Trial as if it did not exist.

b. Denying effective counsel

c. Not ordering severance within a reasonable time after the Order to stay the speedy trial clock against McFadden

d. Solicitation coupled with coercion ( Court facilitated solicitation by rejected attorney, putting them on the record as a stand by once rejected in writing as not trust worthy, and from the rejected pre-selected list.

e. Failure to exercise authority and control of his Case as presiding Judge

f. Causing extreme prejudice to the defendant McFadden having a right to a fair trial with selected trusted counsel.

g. Substantive evidence of Judicial collusion with the prosecution and Court appointed attorney from a pre-select list, to cause false conviction.

h. Judicial and Prosecutorial Obstruction of justice and subverting the constitution , reducing the proceeding proposed

trial into a sham proceeding.

For Shawnn McFadden and us all we believe on Dr. Martin Luther King’s Holiday for Justice and beyond, Have a constitutional right to a fair trial and access to a competent, trustworthy lawyer who is effective.,

Please Do not effectively block or delay this Right Judge Denis R. Hurley or feign compliance

TO WHOM IT May Concern:

Re The People of The United States of America vs Shawnn McFadden et al

From Petitioners
We believe in your innocence . keep the faith Shawnn.
We know that Judges make mistakes
We support you and your exoneration and innocence
You have a right to an attorney , even in the Federal courts.
An attorney who is not tainted , to represent you, .
Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere.

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