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Photo Booth Sessions For Shawn's Next Tour

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Many fans have been thinking about Shawn's next tour and would love to see something different happen with his meet & greets. During meet & greets many artists and fans take the traditional photo with them smiling and holding hands in front of a background, but we would like to see something more fun happen. Meeting Shawn is an experience in itself and we would love to document that in a unique way. Instead of doing a traditional meet & greet picture, we would love to have a photo booth. Each fan would be able to take 3-4 quick pictures with Shawn in a photo booth and a strip of pictures would come out. If possible, props would be provided on the side and fans could decide if they want to use them or not. The pictures could be serious or silly, and would only take a few seconds. Each fan would be able to have a physical copy of their pictures in a photo booth strip. In a world where everything seems to be digital now a days, there's something so special about having something that is tangible such as physical copies of photos. Furthermore, the photo strips could also be saved and uploaded to a website just in case a fan loses his or her physical strip. Ariana Grande has done something similar to this in the past and it proved to be very successful. I believe that we (Shawn's fans) would love it too. Shawn has done the traditional meet & greets in the past, but for the next tour we would love to see photo booth sessions happen. Shawn is a very distinctive individual and it would only make sense to have his shows and meet & greets be extraordinary as well. We don't know if this will help convince you guys or even work, but it doesn't hurt to try. We hope that you will take our thoughts into consideration when planning the next tour. Thank you for taking the time to read this. :) 

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