Have Edmonton Transportation change the west side of Valour Gate "No Parking at all times"

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Since the opening of Coco Bubble tea along Griesbach Parade, there is an increase in parked vehicles on both sides of Valour Gate. This has made driving through Valour Gate challenging and dangerous. During the busy times of CoCo's, cars are park on both sides and reduced traffic to one lane. Turning in to Valour Gate from Griesbach Parade and Valour Way has resulted in many close calls for many residence living in Griesbach.

Many residents have written to Ward 2 Councilor Bev Esslinger who has flipped the responsibility to Edmonton Transportation. Edmonton Transportation claimed to have done traffic study and deemed it to be safe and business as usual. 

This petition seeks to get residents within Griesbach to collectively send Ward 2 Councilor Bev to have Edmonton Transportation re-assign the west side of Valour Gate to be a no parking zone, allowing Valour Gate to maintain a two lane traffic street.