Make it illegal to show images obtained by trespassing

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I see many vegan activists protesting and showing images and videos in public spaces that have been obtained by people trespassing on farms.  This should be made illegal as it promotes a culture of crime.

Let me give you all a story.  Your young daughters are playing on there property like the do every weekend and they have a makeshift cubby house in the shed on the other side of the property.  They run into the shed like they do most weekends to play only to be confronted by three men in masks.  They run home crying to scared to even pick up their bikes to get their mum.  When the mother get to the shed the men are gone but there are some meat is murder tags left behind.  How would you feel?

I have noticed that a lot of vegans think it's ok to trespass on farms because they are looking after the welfare of animals.  But maybe the need to have a serious look at their methods and the conseces of their actions. 


Most farming families form a family-owned pty ltd corporation. Corporations can have as few as two members - they aren't all giants like Monsanto. When driving past most rural Australian properties, you'll often see a sign stating "Smith Station Pty Ltd," or similar. These farms are owned by a corporation, which is in turn owned by the farmers. Anyone can form a corporation. The key benefit is limited liability (hence "ltd); honestly if you're farming anything larger than a vegetable patch, you'd be nuts to do it through an unincorporated business.

This is legally relevant. There is no absolute "right to privacy" under Australian law; furthermore corporations do not enjoy the same residual rights to "seclusion" as natural persons do (ABC v Lenah Game Meats Pty Ltd).




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