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Waste disposal system in Kerala

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For years now, there is clearly a lack of waste disposal system in Kerala. Residents are forced to burn all their garbage including plastics, rubber, etc, all of which release harmful toxins in the air. These toxins are responsible for many health conditions like respiratory problems, birth defects, cancer and also harms the animals around. Government of Kerala has repeatedly ignored this issue. There is a lack of recycling in the state. Cities hardly have any garbage cans involved in public areas, forcing the residents to throw the garbage anywhere on the road. 

Kerala is completely a coastal area, surrounded by many water bodies. Insufficient waste disposal have led industries and residents to pollute these water bodies, worsening the environmental crisis. 

I live in a residential area and within 200mts of my lane, there are at least 5 man-made garbage dumping spots, one being right opposite my house. Each time the corporation clears it, next day there is another pile. It causes immense stink and stray animals spread the garbage around, out of which some of it comes inside our house boundary. Gross, isn't it? We can only imagine the situation around the entire state.

As a responsible citizen, I have visited the local municipality office multiple times, all in vain. Half the time, we found no one there and rest of the times, they would assure to look into the matter but obviously, they don't. 

With Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan in full swing, central and state government really need to work on this basic necessity. 

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